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Android Marshmallow

13.01.2016 (10:36 am) – Filed under: Android

Android is one of the most installed operating systems in mobile phones today. Each year, Google makes it a point to release a new major version of the operating system.

Today, we are going to unravel and take a look at the Android Marshmallow; what’s new, what it brings to you, and more importantly, how can you get it?

Now, Android Marshmallow is not a major overhaul, but rather, a refinement of the previous version, Android Lollipop.

The newest Android operating system still dons the material design but has now become more pervasive in a sense. What do I mean? Well, it still has the same notifications, settings and navigation, but there are a few minor revisions. For one, if you put a Settings shortcut, say the Display setting, for example, it will now display a cog wheel icon (depicting a Settings shortcut) with a smaller icon of the actual setting (the Display icon). This lets you know which Setting you are putting in your home screen.

As for the lockscreen, it still has the same lockscreen like the one found in Android Lollipop, except that now, the dialer icon has been replaced with the Google Now button. This puts emphasis on Google voice commands and how important it is for the new version of the Android operating system.

The App drawer also received a little bit of overhaul. Before, you scroll the apps horizontally (from left to right). But with the Android Marshmallow, the app drawer can now be scrolled vertically by default, making you see applications more easily than ever before.

The App transitions and animations have received some love as well. Before, when you transition from different apps, you will just have a boring interface. But with Android Marshmallow, you will now see different animations by jumping to and from another application. This is pretty minor stuff, but it still adds another depth of appeal for the new mobile phone operating system.

There used to be a Dark theme support for Android Marshmallow (which was present in the developer preview), but was then suddenly removed from the final version. A lot of Android developers, though, have uncovered a “Night mode” feature in the operating system’s code. This indicates that the dark theme will possibly be enabled in future updates.

Another notable feature of the new Android operating system is the Google Now on Tap. Basically, what it does is that when it is opened, it will scan the screen you’re in (for example, you’re browsing a website), and it will then display contextual information about it. It also delivers other relevant information about the keywords you’ve inputted in your browser, and it will search for more information so you do not have to.

And the last feature that you should look out for in Android Marshmallow is Doze. Doze is an intelligent battery management service that has complex algorithms in making sure that you save every bit of battery your phone has. In fact, some people claim that they’ve saved up to 17-20% of battery every day!

Now, the most important question is, how can you get the Android Marshmallow operating system? You can get this mobile phone OS if you have a Nexus device, but if you own a mobile phone from other carriers, you may need to wait until they release an official Android Marshmallow update. Be sure to check system updates from time to time.