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Pyro App for iOS

07.03.2016 (10:19 pm) – Filed under: Apple

Are you a music lover? Do you like to use your mobile phone to put some music on it and make it a mobile jukebox? If so, I have an app suggestion for you.

The Pyro App for iOS mobile phones is a godsend for people who want to put music into their lives. This app does a lot of things and we will talk about those in this article.

The Pyro App for iOS mobile phones works by looking at your music files, may it be in your phone’s music library or your Spotify account.

Once you’ve played the first song of your choice, the app then intelligently looks at your library or your Spotify account (you can set this on the app’s settings) and then it plays the next song that is similar to the one currently playing.

For example, if you’ve fired up a dance song that has a groovy bpm, the Pyro App for iOS mobile phones will search either your local music library or your Spotify account for songs of a similar bpm and genre and it will then play the song after the first one’s done and so on.

Furthermore, the iPhone’s built-in music app is already good, but it does have a slight lag time when transitioning to another song. The Pyro App for iOS mobile phones eliminates that “transition lag” because it has a very efficient algorithm that eliminates that lag. When using this app, there will be no more lags, or silence in-between song transitions, which is pretty nice.

There is also the app’s Smart Seek feature. This feature allows you to jump directly to your favorite part of the song with the phone being silenced in the process. What I mean by this is that whenever you go to a particular portion of the song, the app will intelligently not pause the song while you seek your favorite part of the song.

The Pyro App for iOS mobile phones also acts as a convenient playlist editor. You will be presented with an intuitive interface that allows you to arrange and rearrange songs. Just tap the song of choice and drag it to your own created playlist.

This app also has a seamless integration with your Spotify account. If you have a Spotify account and you already have songs in your account, the Pyro App for iOS mobile phones seeks the genres of your songs.

All you have to do for the app to work is play just one song and it will seek your Spotify Account for songs with a similar bpm count to the song you’re currently playing. For example, you choose to listen to relaxing songs, if you have relaxing songs on your Spotify account, the Pyro App for iOS then queues those songs to play next.

If you are going for long road trips, be sure to get a mobile phone signal booster as it will work best so that this app will not stutter or anything like that. The low signal reception would mean that this app’s functionality will be hindered, so getting the help of mobile phone signal boosters while using this app is a sure plus.

The Pyro App for iOS is free to download and is available on the Apple App store.