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HCG Injections Dieting

17.06.2015 (10:41 am) – Filed under: hCG

Dieting with HCG has become hugely popular in recent years, mostly down to the ease in which patients see results.

HcG which was originally designed for pregnant women, offers great results in weight loss when combined with a balanced diet.

What is the most effective way to administer HcG?

As with most drugs/ vitamins, injections are the most effective way to get the substance into your body, alternatives such as drops offer more convenience, but are nowhere near as effective. As you would imagine, injecting straight into your blood stream is highly effective in offering quick results, whereas drops require must higher dosages, as the HcG is not absorbed as well.

hcg-male-femaleWith HcG there are a lot of meals and guides available to go with the diet, these meals can aid in fat loss, but at the same time are healthy and filling, do not be fooled by other diets which have you eating nothing, or living off juices etc.

HcG is a proven weight loss aid and a quick search online will show that their are countless reviews available, and the fact that there are forums dedicated to people on the hCG diet shows that those who start it, more often than not stay on it as they see positive results.